Buff Or Normal – Which Shia LaBeouf Do You Prefer?


When breaking down a Hollywood star’s diet and workout routine, we seem to be most interested when that star is going Shia LeBeouffor the Ryan Reynolds or Christian Bale look (or the Jessica Biel look for the ladies). But these days it seems as though a more average look suits certain people better than a buff body. I mean, it just wouldn’t look right if Michael Cera showed up in his next movie weighing in at 210 pounds worth of muscle, right?
But then there are those actors that sort of fall in the middle, like Shia LaBeouf. He’s done the whole bulking up thing for movies, especially when he was training for his role in INDIANA JONES. Here’s what he had to say about his training regime leading up to that flick (People):

[Shia] is working out seven days a week for three hours a day. ‘I’ll run for an hour and then I’ll do two hours of weights,’ he says. ‘I have definitely not trained like this for anything in my life. I’m preparing like I’m going into battle…’”

Shia, rest those muscles man! Luckily, his upcoming role in the TRANSFORMERS sequel doesn’t require LaBeouf to bulk up. After all, he would be competing with the diesel machine bodies of Optimus Prime and Megatron (both jacked). But that begs the question: do you prefer the buff INDIANA JONES version or the Average-Joe-TRANSFORMERS version of LaBeouf?



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