It Is A Numbers Game…So Here Is Your Calculator


Here at Go Healthy Go Fit, we talk about how weight management is simply a numbers game. More specifically, if you’re looking to lose weight, you simply have to eat fewer calories. While that is basic math which doesn’t take into account the concept of bodily health, it is the way to get the job done.
And these days, even the most astute mathematicians wouldn’t leave home without a good calculator. So when it comes to your health and fitness, having a health calculator is a no-brainer! That’s exactly what our friends at Diets In Review have come up with and believe me when I say, it is super easy to use. Here is the calculator:

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So all you have to do is type in your “Age”, click your “Gender”, input your “Weight”, “Height” and “Exercise Level” and the calculator does the rest. It gives you your Basic Metabolic Rate, your Body Mass Index, and your Ideal Body Weight. If you’d like my opinion on the subject, I wouldn’t stress over the BMI since it’s been known to have a few flaws when it comes to different body types, but the rest of the information provided is pretty useful.
My favorite feature has got to be the calculator’s easy breakdown of what your maintenance caloric intake should be. Also, it tells you how many calories you should be eating if you’re looking to lose fat, a fantastic tool seeing as weight loss revolves almost solely around eating fewer calories, no shocker to the faithful readers of Go Healthy Go Fit I’m sure.
The overall user-friendly interface, simple breakdown of the numbers and a collection of great information makes the Health Calculator a very useful tool for anyone interested in weight management as well as those of us who just want to see where we’re at. Make sure you check it out and of course a big thanks to our friends at Diets In Review for providing us with this very awesome and very FREE tool!


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