Your Aerobics Class Is Holding You Back


The great thing about Go Healthy Go Fit is that from time to time, I get a chance to vent my frustrations while helping to aerobics-instructors educate a fantastic following of health and fitness readers! And that is exactly what today’s post is all about. I went to the gym right after work and I had been looking forward to hitting the heavy bag all day. However, for the fifth time in three weeks, I was promptly shoo-ed out of the heavy bag room to make way for an army of aerobic-robots.
Now, I consider myself to be a very respectful guy but unfortunately, I can no longer hold back when it comes to aerobics. Here were my initial thoughts on the encounter:
The aerobics instructor looked like an out of shape high school kid… why would anyone take fitness advice from someone like that??
I’m sorry, but 99% of the people in the class were out of shape
The movements that they were doing could not be considered challenging on any level (keyword: challenging)
It was these thoughts that got me to thinking about aerobics as a fitness routine. In the past, I’ve always given this workout the benefit of the doubt, rationalizing that some people would never work out if it weren’t for aerobics classes. But when you actually break down the type of activity required from aerobics as well as the results attained from it, you will see that all aerobics classes do is hold you back from your goals in health and fitness. Here’s why:

High Pace Is NOT Equal To High Intensity

Most defenders of aerobics claim that there are very few workouts that can match the pace of these specific classes. Unfortunately, a fast pace workout will only provide you with fitness results when you are being challenged physically. That doesn’t mean that you need to have heavy dumbbells involved per se, seeing as body weight circuits do provide fantastic results (ahem, Craig B). But the positioning of aerobics movements is meant to take stress off of your body as a whole to isolate specific muscles… without enough weight to challenge you! Therefore, results are limited.

Take Advice From People Who Are In Shape!

This is the single most tragic commentary in the fitness community… across the board. When the spokesperson of your specific workout style (aerobics) is Richard Simmons, you have serious problems folks!! Granted, there are plenty of instructors out there that teach aerobics that is in fact in shape, but I’d be willing to bet my bottom dollar that they engage in many different workouts when it’s time for their own personal fitness session. That’s why you only see them doing aerobics when they’re teaching a class… not a coincidence.
On the flip side, take a look at these boxers and their physiques. Now, don’t you think it’s more likely that they’re hitting the heavy bag as opposed to taking an aerobics class (Oh wait, they conduct interviews during their ACTUAL workouts)? So why wouldn’t you do the same!?

ali mike-tyson

The Gym Should Be For Results, Not Playtime

If you’re looking to pass the time and have some fun, you should do it at home with a DVD. But if you’re really looking to improve your physique, please enjoy and share the gym with others on the same plane. Aerobics classes are simply the grown-up version of the recess and trust me, you look much more childish than that kid swinging on the jungle gym after a healthy dose of Elmer’s glue.
In closing, I’d like to extend a personal invitation to any aerobics instructor and/or devoted attendee to pick my brain on how to work out effectively. I will even provide a free workout session to show you a better way to get the body you’ve always wanted (who knows, if we get enough people together we might even be able to have a class). Just realize that you will actually have to work hard and not just spin your wheels.




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