Are Vibration Plates The Real Deal After All?

picture-2A few months ago I did a story titled Just Cause It’s A Gadget Doesn’t Make It A Necessity which showcased 5 fitness Nitro Fitgadgets that at the time I deemed as non-essential. But after working out with a vibration plate I may be changing my assessment.
Now, I must preface this by saying that I truly do understand the economic times that we’re living in and that for most people, any large gym equipment purchase may not be in the cards. However, I feel the need to give credit where credit is due. And given the growing popularity of these machines, you may soon have access to one at your local gym. Here’s what Web MD had to say about the technology:
A new study shows that obese women who followed a weight loss diet and regularly used the vibration plate machines were more successful at long-term weight loss and losing hard-to-trim belly fat than those who combined dieting with a more conventional exercise routine.”
After sharing Go Healthy Go Fit with a friend of mine, he informed me that he actually owned a company that produces some of the leading vibration plates on the market. Obviously, I mentioned the above-referenced post and he simply challenged me to a workout with this product and asked that I reserve judgment until after the workout. Seeing that I never back down to a fitness challenge, I graciously accepted.
He took me through a 10-minute circuit style workout on his machine which contained everything from squats to push-ups, a true full body workout. At the end of the workout, my muscles felt spent! And while I would never recommend ditching dumbbell lifting or HIIT, the experience opened my eyes to another way of working out that would, in fact, be a nice supplement to any fitness routine.
When the workout was finished, I informed my friend that the cost of the item would be enough to turn me off of the idea come purchase time. While he agreed that it was something of a commitment, he offered all the Go Healthy Go Fit readers a 10% discount when purchased off the website! This is an exclusive offer to you, a.k.a. The Go Healthy Go Fit crew. So if you’re in the market for new fitness equipment, you should check it out, it’s called Nitro Fit. Here’s the info:
Website Link:
Promotional Code: DCGHGFIT09


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