Checking out celebrity workouts – Zac Efron

One of the most successful franchises of all time, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL has created a star: and his name is Zac Efron. Zac’s character Troy Bolton is considered to be this generations answer to Zack Morris of SAVED BY THE BELL. So you bet we’re gonna find out how he stays in shape in this week’s edition of Checking Out Celebrity Diets & Workouts!
It seems as though Zac stays in shape by engaging in a wide variety of activities, ranging from surfing to playing basketball to lifting weights. Let’s see Zac’s main workouts and what benefits they provide:
Surfing – As reported in That’s Fit:

“As Zac probably is well aware, activities that keep you off-balance do a phenomenal job at working your core, thus helping to create enviable abs. Surfing is great for that…”
Strength Training – Bench Press

While Zac enjoys fun, outdoor activities, he also sees the value in some of the most popular weight training workouts, such as the bench press.

Song & Dance – Shooting HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL

This is what Zac had to say about his experience with staying fit and shooting HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL on Show Biz Spy:

“My shape is all down to High School Musical. It is a pretty athletic movie, actually. It is just good to stay in shape before the movie and when we are making it I don’t need to work out so much – which is great.”
All and all, Zac Efron has got a very active lifestyle, consisting of weight training, dancing, surfing and having fun while doing it! Zac is a great example of someone who doesn’t just lift weights at the gym. You don’t have to be confined indoors to get a great workout! Tomorrow, we’ll check out his diet in the second part of Checking Out Celebrity Diets & Workouts!
Here’s the link to Zac Efron’s diet plan!




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