Crank It Up With A Jason Statham Workout

Action heroes these days can’t get away with a beer belly and just a good right cross. You’ve got to be built like a jason-statham-02-257x300machine, and to be built like a machine, you’ve got to train like one. That’s exactly what Jason Statham does to stay in great shape! So today I’m going to critique Statham’s complete workout as found in this article by Men’s Health.
The Workout
Jason’s workout is very extensive, so I’m going to summarize it for you first and then give my notes after.
Day 1 – Deadlift
Warm up: 10 minutes on the rowing machine, then a pyramid circuit of pushups, ring pull-ups, and body weight squats.
Workout: Deadlift
Day 2 – Full body functional circuit
Warm up: 10 minutes on the rowing machine, then a static hold circuit consisting of ring dip holds, kettlebell farmer hold, L-sits, bodyweight squat hold.
Workout: Big 55 – circuit style consisting of front squat, pull-ups, decline push-ups, power cleans, knees to elbows.
Day 3 – Interval work on the rowing machine
Warm up: 10 minutes on the rowing machine.
Workout: 6 interval sprints of 500 meters.
Day 4 – Set work – Front squats
Warm up: 10 minutes on the rowing machine than 20 reps of body squats.
Workout: Front squat
Day 5 – Cumulative movements
Warm up: 10 minutes on the rowing machine, then a circuit style switches off between a bear crawl and a crab walk.
Workout: Circuit workout
Jason’s Time: 23:53
Day 6 – Contextual effort
Any sport or activity for over an hour
Day 7 – Rest
The Critique
statham1Jason Statham has built himself into the prototypical action star of the future. And as far as his workouts go, there’s no reason to believe that he wouldn’t! That being said, there are a few areas where I can be a little nit-picky and throw in my two cents.
I’m impressed to see that Statham uses the rowing machine (one of my favorites), however, I don’t quite understand why he would use this machine in 5 of his 6 workout days. That particular motion, while effective in training, is very unique and specific. It would behoove a person to only perform an exercise this specific every day unless they were specifically trying to train and sculpt their back and leg muscles, a certain set of muscles that are particularly well defined on Statham might I add.
While I applaud his circuit workouts, his Day 1 and Day 4 leave something to be desired. It seems to me that these two days would absolutely destroy your legs, and if you’re planning on rowing 5 days a week it’s not a great idea to burn out your legs with super heavy lifting.
After everything is said and done, it’s obvious that Statham is doing something right. And it could be that this workout was specifically designed to help him improve certain muscle groups for a role. In any case, the attention to detail, understanding of circuit training and obvious hard work makes Jason Statham an athlete aficionado and consequently an action star extraordinaire!






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