Cutting The Fat With Jason Statham

When you see Jason Statham in movies these days, he looks jason-statham-bw-199x300like he’s been jacked his whole life. But it hasn’t always been the case. Jason, unlike the Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bales and Ryan Reynolds of the world who always seem to be in shape, has the propensity to pack on the pounds (Men’s Health):
Statham’s weight gain came the same way it does for most of us: a few too many beers and a couple of extra servings, compounded over time.”
So what’s an action star to do when it’s time to lean out? The same thing that most of us must do, pay attention to our meal plan and be meticulous (Project Weight Loss):

Statham credits intelligent eating as a big part of his rapid weight loss. And he’s not starving. He records everything he consumes, including water. He tries to drink five liters a day, to keep him feeling full. No refined sugar or flour at all, ever. Bread and pasta are out, as are all sweets. No fruit juices and no booze.”

Hmm, another absolutely defined human specimen eating what appears to be a very Paleo-esque diet (how many hints must I drop people!). And, although intermittent fasting is all the rage right now, he shows us that you can get a great physique by using the now-old-school six meals a day (Men’s Health):
Spread out the calories. Statham has six small meals daily. The foods aren’t surprising — egg whites, vegetables, lean meats, fish, nuts, and protein shakes. But the 2,000-calorie limit is gospel.”


I’ll go ahead and tell you this right now: It’s the quality of food that he’s eating (on top of a solid workout schedule) that is getting him such fantastic results. We’ve shown on multiple occasions how the idea behind promoting thermogenesis (the process of “speeding up your metabolism” so to speak) via multiple meals a day is unfounded, however perhaps this structure allows the star of CRANK 2 to rev up his resolve and dedication.




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