Does A Quick Workout Before The Pool Make You Seem More Fit?


65385Have you ever known someone who always does push-ups right before they go to the pool? Maybe a quick workout with weights even? Since it’s Memorial Day Weekend and lots of us will be headed to the pool or even the ocean the next few days, I figured we would discuss a ritual that is obviously not an isolated incident.
So why do people feel as though a good ten minutes of working out will make them look buffer right before a shirtless outing to the local watering hole? Well, in weightlifting circles it’s called getting a “pump” and it’s much more complicated than you might imagine (Bodybuilding):

The “pumped” look will definitely create a more impressive, but temporary physique…
Lactic acid also plays a key role in getting a maximum pump. Lactic acid is a by-product of carbohydrate metabolism without the assistance of oxygen.
The objective in each workout is to allow a large quantity of lactic acid to accumulate in the muscles. This will eventually lead to greater hypertrophy, as the body experiences a huge boost in growth hormone levels from the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.”

In case you were wondering, here is the definition of hypertrophy (Dictionary):

Muscle hypertrophy is the increase in the size of muscle cells.”


In effect, by working out directly before going to the pool a person can essentially make himself/herself look more muscular than without working out. I mean, we buy bathing suits and sunglasses to look our best, what’s the problem with a free muscle enhancing pre-pool workout?
So next time you see someone doing some push ups, pull ups or weight lifting right before heading out to a pool party, don’t laugh at them, join them and look your best!




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