Don’t Get Mad: Gisele’s Just Got A Fast Metabolism

gisele_bundchenGetting in peak shape is a challenging, long process for most. And when we are faced with adversity in such an endeavor, it sometimes feels good to make it seem as though it comes unfairly easy for some. While I tend to roll my eyes whenever someone says “he/she just has a fast metabolism”, it seems as though Gisele is one of the lucky few who has the mythical fast metabolism (Ezine Articles):
What does Gisele Bundchen eat? Cheeseburgers apparently. And anything else she wants! She’s either got a super fast metabolism or actually is burning it all off.”

But it’s important to understand that the people out there that can actually eat whatever they want and still look like, well, a supermodel are extremely rare. I mean, if there were thousands of people on the planet that could eat cheeseburgers and look like Gisele, then she wouldn’t be making $33 million a year (Luxist). More importantly, however, just because it’s easy for them and hard for us doesn’t mean we should just give up. And even those rare few still lead giselebundchenvs05-196x300very active lifestyles (Ezine):

Gisele seems to do yoga upon waking… She also plays Volleyball and does extreme sports to stay fit.”
So while it is hard for us to keep in shape and look good, it does build character. And once you reach your goals in health and fitness, you can relish in that accomplishment and be proud of it! So next time you see someone in great shape, don’t just jump to the “fast metabolism” conclusion right off the bat, go up and ask him/her what they do to stay in shape. And if they say they eat cheeseburgers… I guess just to gauge whether or not the delivery was snide and act accordingly!



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