Don’t sleep more than 7 hours a night


When you’re working as a bartender, you almostn515556375_10732_3439 always drink with your patrons. This can prove to be a barrier between you and your fitness goals. Also, if you’re drinking vodka-red bulls, you might be staring at the ceiling until 4:00 in the morning!
The key to keeping up a good, healthy lifestyle while bartending is not sleeping in until 2:00 pm. Make sure to set the alarm to wake you up after 7 hours of sleep. I know it’s rough, but if you’re waking up in the afternoon, you’re going to be less likely to hit the gym before you’ve got to do it all again.
So make sure to avoid energy drinks. Also, if you’ve seen COYOTE UGLY, there’s a nifty little trick you can do to make sure you don’t get too trashed! If someone buys you a shot, pretend to follow it with a beer and spit the shot out in the beer! It may seem lame, but it will keep you from a killer hangover that will keep you out of the gym! And by all means, grab a nap if you need one! Napping for a few minutes when you are tired does wonders for the body!



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