Economic Problems Lead To Poor Choices Where Health Is Concerned


spam-300x210By now, we all know what we should be buying during this tough economic downturn, but what are Americans spam actually buying in terms of food products and fitness equipment? Are we taking all of the good advice out there or are we squandering it? It may be a little of both according to an article in USA Today:

Sales of chocolate and running shoes are up… Strong sales of Spam, Dinty Moore stew and chili helped Hormel Foods Corp. post a 6% increase in first-quarter sales in its grocery products unit…
Profits in the first three months of 2009 at Hershey Co., the nation’s second-largest candy maker, surged 20% and beat Wall Street’s expectations. Kraft Foods Inc. reported double-digit growth in macaroni and cheese dinners — the consummate comfort food.”

It’s no wonder why people are making these choices since everyone pretty much makes the decision to stick closer to home to ride out the storm:
Consumers have trimmed household budgets and postponed buying cars, major appliances, and other big-ticket items. Yet they still are willing to shell out for small indulgences and goods that make life more comfortable at home, where they are spending more time.”
But with sales of Spam rising simultaneously with that of running shoes, are Americans making the right choices? After all, with more running shoes we’re undoubtedly seeing more runners as a possible way to offset all the mac & cheese and chocolate people are eating.
But we know that when it comes to maximizing our health, our nutrition comes first before working out. So we shouldn’t be surprised to see obesity levels rise during these bad economic times. Left to your own devices, do you find that you are compelled to splurge on comfort foods to get you through the bad times? How do you avoid the temptation in an effort to stay on track?



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