Exploring New Workout Music With Jango


If you’re looking for other songs by your favorite artists on a site like iTunes, you typically only get a 20-second window to hear the song. That’s cool if you already know which song you’re looking for. But what if you want to listen to other songs in their entirety? And for free?
That’s why Jango is so awesome. You simply enter the artist’s name in the search window and they provide a list of all the other songs available by the artist on the site. Then press play and listen for free. When I’m adding to my workout playlist, I like to take my favorite songs and search for the artist to see if there are other good songs in their repertoires.

The site has the same great features as other similar sites, features like the ability to make stations, Jango’s ability to learn your likes and dislikes in music and much, much more. So you can pick your top 10 favorite workout songs and search for other songs by the artist and all of a sudden you’ve got double the workout songs. Give it a try and let us know what your favorite feature is and how it helps you build your workout playlist!



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