Fighting With Channing Tatum

This week marks the release of the highly anticipated movie FIGHTING, which chronicles the story of a young man’s journey through the ranks of New York’s underground fighting clubs. Channing Tatum, a young rising star in Hollywood who already has the attention of most 13-year-old girls on the planet, plays the lead role and without a doubt required intensive training. Here’s a video from AOL that shows his workout routine (article version found at Weight Loss & Training):

Channing Tatum 2As you can see, Tatum utilizes 3 days split for his heavy lifting. fighting_lIn order to provide added rest, he separates each of the three days with either a rest day or a “Cardio & Core” day. As far as core workouts go, this would be effective for most. However, to make it truly challenging, I would recommend trying to go through the workout as a circuit, resting for a minute or so between circuits. I mean, 3x 20-second planks aren’t exactly pushing yourself that hard unless you’re doing all of these exercises in succession.
Some of the exercises that I enjoy myself but don’t see that many people do at the gym: dumbbell squats on the Bosu ball, interval training on the treadmill, and ab roll-outs on the stability ball. Keep in mind that along with this workout routine, Tatum probably trained for the fighting scenes at least 4 days a week. All in all, this is a solid routine that can produce some serious gains in strength, so long as you incorporate other exercises on a consistent basis as well as keep track of the weight you lift while increasing on a weekly basis accordingly.
Don’t forget to check out a more recent post where I interview Channing’s personal trainer to get the full story!




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