Gym Memberships In The Wake Of A Struggling Economy

In light of all the hubbub and attention paid to what is now the toughest economy in my lifetime and more specifically coupled at the gym how it affects the health/fitness industry, I’ve decided to do a post which will compare the average price of 5 of the top nationwide gyms in America. This should help some folks who have been smart and held out on joining a gym figure out whether or not these low prices are providing the right bang for their buck.
Please note that these prices are estimates (provided by specific gym branches, member testimonials, and information gathered from forums) and that every club may vary depending on location, amenities, and gym packages and/or promotions occurring at any given time.

1. Gold’s Gym
Widely considered to be the number one franchise chain of gyms nationwide, Gold’s Gym gained it’s notoriety after it was seen in the movie PUMPING IRON.
Typical base membership runs between $19-34 dollars a month.

2. Bally’s Total Fitness
With an aggressive marketing and branding focus, Bally’s has been a recognizable name in the health and fitness industry for years. This gym boasts no long-term commitment, a 3 tiered access plan for one specific club, local access and/or all clubs nationwide, as well as corporate memberships.
Typical base membership runs $30 on average a month ($24.99 for the rest of the month)

3. 24 Hour Fitness
The name says it all. With over 400 gyms nationwide open 24 hours a day, it’ no wonder that this gym is a favorite amongst American gym-goers.
Typical base membership costs about $35 a month

4. Life Time Fitness
Self-proclaimed as a more upscale version of the other 4 nationwide chains, Life Time even boasts rock climbing cavers, free towels, and lockers as part of the perks.
Typical base membership starts at $49.95 (and goes up depending on the level of membership)

5. LA Fitness
Unfortunately, I was informed by multiple locations that LA Fitness employees are instructed not to quote prices over the phone (bad form in my opinion), however, I managed to compile a rough idea of what this gym membership costs.

Typical base membership ranges from $24 to $50
Now that you know the ballpark of what you should expect to pay, here comes the fun part. And it’s a little thing I like to call “shakedown time”. That’s right people, you have the power in this poor economy to bend the terms. In other words, the ball is in your court… you have what they want… etc. Nothing is set in stone, and as a matter of fact, these gym chains are so eager to sign new clients that they will more than likely be willing to forget about an initiation fee and drop the monthly rate down a bit.
So shop around, find the gym that will provide you with the right amenities to suit your needs and then come at them with all you’ve got! It may sound like you’re squeezing the juice a little, but just remember that this economy has no doubt squeezed your wallet so you’re just returning the favor!