How can I eat healthy if I’m at work all day?

n10018115_39522453_29When I started working at one of the biggest talent agencies in the world, I faced this very problem. The answer is actually way easier than you might imagine.

First off, focus on your breakfast. I know a lot of people aren’t “breakfast people”, but it is the most important meal of the day and fortunately it’s a meal that you’ll be making at your house. Of course, this will vary based on your fitness goals, but make sure that you get protein at every meal, especially breakfast.

Now comes the tricky part. Most people would just assume to wait until dinner to eat again, but this is actually very unhealthy. You have to think of your body as an engine. And for an engine to work, it needs fuel constantly. The same is true for your body. That being said, the best way to stay healthy and lose weight is to increase the number of meals you have while decreasing the size of each meal. So how do you do that at work? Here’s a couple of suggestions for the “brunch” (after breakfast, before lunch) and the meal between lunch and dinner (don’t know if there’s a name for that one, LOL):
Protein shakes – You can get what’s known as a protein “shaker” at any supplements store. Before work, throw in some protein powder and when you’re ready, just add water!

Hard-boiled eggs – This is great on the go food that will provide you the protein that you need for that mid-meal… meal (NOTE: try not to think of these interim meals as “snacks”, cause that’s not what they are. Snacking is dangerous in staying healthy because it can lead to overeating and a lack of structure)
Almonds and dried fruit – Throw ‘em in a ziplock bag and they’re ready to go!

Protein bars – A common complaint of protein bars and shakes is that they cost too much. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you do your shopping right, you will actually spend less on bars and shakes than a traditional meal (buy protein in powder form and look for bulk deals with protein bars)

Beef Jerky – Protein, beef, portable… it’s the perfect food for the work-meal

There are really endless combinations that you can bring to the office to keep you eating between 5-7 meals a day. Yes, 5-7. Remember one thing… America is obese because our portions have become a way too big. So by having the daily structure of an office job and abiding by the 5-7 meal mantra, you can actually be eating better than someone with a more loose schedule because you’ll have a rhythm!!





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