How exercise can improve your studying ability… Part 2

In “How exercise can improve your studying ability“, we talked about how exercising can improve your ability to focus on managing stress. Now let’s look at some ways to exercise under a demanding study schedule!

How to incorporate exercise into a studying environment

Some of the basic conveniences that we utilize these days, such as cars, elevators, etc., prevent us from getting exercise while accomplishing another goal. Here’s an excerpt from an article on NHS Choices which outlines some good exercise tips:

“You don’t need to make a special trip to a sports center to reach your weekly quota of exercise. There are easy ways to get some exercise into your daily routine.
Walk to your lectures instead of getting the bus.
Take the stairs rather than the lift.
If you have a bike, ride it to classes or go for a bike ride with friends.
Rent or buy an exercise DVD. Share the cost and fun with your housemates.
If you’re going out in the evening, dance. It’s a great way to meet new friends as well as keep in shape.
Go for a jog with friends before going to college, or between classes.
At lunchtime or weekends, kick a football around with your friends in the park, or have a game of volleyball.”

Just to add to this list, if you’re in the library, go ahead and stop for a few minutes and walk around. Go up the stairs, through the stacks, get lost and find your way back. You’ll be more refreshed and you’ll use your time more efficiently.




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