How exercise can improve your studying ability

If you’re the type of person who lives in the library, 2421731084_20f7bb0082-300x193you know that it can be really hard to justify working out with nothing but tests on the horizon. We’ve already taken a look at how to eat right in the library during mid-terms and finals, so why exercise on top of that? Well, there are some very compelling arguments for why incorporating exercise into your studying routine can actually improve your mental faculties and information retention. The next few posts will delve into a few reasons why exercise is important to your studying ability and how to get it done!

Increased focus on decreasing stress

Given that I have A.D.H.D., studying was always very stressful for me and it is the same even for those without it. I would constantly feel overwhelmed having been in the library for an extended amount of time. Stress was easily one of my biggest distractions while studying. So how can you reduce stress to focus better? In an article published by the American College of Sports Medicine, the author states:

“‘When you exercise you’re going to feel better. You’ll feel less stress and more relaxed, you’ll sleep better, and you’ll likely be more confident.’
[Dr. Michael R.] Bracko points to studies that have shown physical activity and exercise reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety and improve mood. Stress can also be mediated with exercise. Heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels, all of which are raised under stress, can be decreased with exercise.”

Through consistent exercise, you can actually control your levels of stress and therefore focus more on studying.

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