If An Offensive Lineman Can Shed The Pounds, So Can You!


I came across a great story yesterday that I really wanted to share with everyone at Go Healthy Go Fit. In the last issue of
Sports Illustrated, an article titled I Want My Body Back chronicled the wake-up call two offensive linemen had once their football careers had come to an end:

  • [Jeff] Kendall and [Cole] Linehan woke up to an unsettling reality: Neither had a future in football. There would be no invitations to the NFL scouting combine or to any training-camp tryout. Their football careers were over — or, as Kendall says, ‘All of sudden you go from being a fat kid living the dream to, well, just fat.’”

The article goes on to point out that most offensive lineman (typically the heaviest member of any football team) eventually put on even more weight after they depart from the physical demands of playing the game daily. The reason?

  • ‘What happens most of the time, especially with the linemen, is that they are tired of working out and worn down from playing, and they just want to rest,’ says James Harris, Oregon’s nutritionist, and assistant athletic director. ‘They don’t change the way they live and eat. A few years later they are 370 pounds and have serious health issues. It’s a big, big problem.’”

So these two gentlemen managed to lose 35 and 30 pounds to return to a more realistic weight that will pay dividends with regards to their health later on in life. The most amazing part of this story, for me at least, was the concept of their notoriety is directly tied to their size. As an offensive lineman, the bigger you are the better. And Kendall and Linehan would no doubt have seen the attention grow the bigger they got.
With that type of positive attention directly associated with putting on weight, it is remarkable that they were able to have the foresight enough to know that being that heavy is very unhealthy. I commend these two guys and I strongly suggest that anyone out there that is looking to lose weight use them as a source of inspiration.



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