It’s Not Just About Surfing For Paul Walker

paulwalker2-200x300As we’ve seen in what was arguably one of the hottest duos ever placed on camera together, INTO THE BLUE, Paul Walker is no stranger to riding the waves. Although he enjoys both the workout and spiritual benefits of the art of surfing, Walker diversifies his exercise much more than one might think. In fact, that approach sums up his mantra (Men’s Health):

“And he doesn’t have a nutritionist or a personal trainer we can refer you to. But there is a program, a very effective and simple one. “My motto is, you have to get in a sport a day,” says Walker, who just turned 32.”

Sounds simple, right? Well, whoever said you’ve got to make it complicated anyways! But when he says sport, he’s not just talking about basketball, football, etc. He’s a jack of all trades (Wiki):

He is an avid surfer and studies the martial arts forms of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing, combining them into his exercise routines, which also include outdoor sports.[16]“

And if you’re wondering how he bulked up for VARSITY BLUES, we’ve got that too! (Relative Strength Advantage):

For his movie Varsity Blues, he had to put size because he was playing the role of an action guy. He Paul Walker 2started lifting weights, took creatine and got up to 205lbs / 92kg. Now if you follow a progressive overload full body workout for as long as it allows you to gain quickly and then follow it up with a split workout for a while you will get big.
The way to do the split workout is to divide the whole body up in 3 to 5 workouts. Like so:54790-195x300
Workout 1 – Chest and Triceps
Workout 2 – Shoulders
Workout 3 – Back
Workout 4 – Biceps
Workout 5 – Legs and Abs”
It’s clear that no matter what the role, Paul Walker is fully capable of transforming his body into whatever he sees fit, no pun intended! It is rumored that Walker was in the best shape of his life while shooting his upcoming film, FAST AND FURIOUS.




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