Keeping Fitness Green

Now that Earth Day has passed, I feel more comfortable talking about how we can all take steps to live a more greenGreen Fitness existence when it comes to our fitness. Keep in mind, this is something that we should do every day, not just on some made up holiday. Call me a scrooge, but I’d rather try to limit my carbon footprint on the other 364 days out of the year and I think the Earth would back me up on this one.
That being said, I wanted to make a mention to an article I read in the Chicago Tribune, 7 Ways To Exercise In A Greener Way, that provides some great ideas on how you can be better to the environment while exercising. While all seven are good ideas, I especially like the last two recommendations:

6. Sign an “eco-pledge” created especially for athletes, at
‘You can actually make a formal public commitment to being environmentally responsible,’ Rayner says. ‘It starts people thinking while wearing their environmental cap. I’ve had people come up to me and talk about how [the pledge] changed the way they’ve done things in their daily life.’”

Although there is something to be said for making an internal commitment, we have seen that it doesn’t work for most. Therefore, this idea of making a pledge via a website is a great idea to remind us all that we must be environmentally conscious all the time, not just on Earth Day.
7. Designate a cleanup day for your running, cycling, inline skating or fitness club, where you agree to pick up the garbage along your usual route.

Runners and skaters could put a garbage pail in the seat of a baby jogger and push it along, so they don’t miss their workout.”
Random acts of negligence (throwing garbage out of a car window) will never be remedied. The only way to negate the effects of these negligent acts is to commit your own random act of responsibility. So trust me when I say that above all the other recommendations, taking charge and doing number 7 is a great idea.
How do you go about staying green while getting lean and mean?
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