National Cholesterol Appreciation Day

Nope. It’s not a nationally recognized holiday, but here at Go Healthy Go Fit, we’re dubbing May 6th as National cholesterolCholesterol Appreciation Day. One of the most unjustly vilified sections on any nutritional facts label, cholesterol has gotten a bad rap and today we’re setting the record straight once and for all.
To start things off, I’d like to share with you an article I caught in, Top 5 Cholesterol Myths, which explains why this very natural and necessary part of every diet has managed to procure such a nasty reputation. In it, the author lists the following as the top 5 myths:

  1. Americans Have The Highest Cholesterol In The World
  2. Eggs Are Evil
  3. Kids Can’t Have High Cholesterol
  4. Food Is Heart-Healthy If It Says ‘0 mg of cholesterol’
  5. Cholesterol Is Always A Bad Thing

If you were under the spell of any or all of these myths, don’t feel bad. After all, big pharmaceutical companies have been perpetuating these 5 for a long time, obviously because high cholesterol can be treated with pills that make them a fortune.
Your body needs cholesterol, it’s essential. Just like fat is essential. And if you use these myths as guidelines for what you believe is a healthy diet, you may, in fact, be harming yourself in the long run:
When most people hear “cholesterol” they think “bad.” Like most things in life, the reality is more complex. High cholesterol can be dangerous, but cholesterol itself is essential to various bodily processes, from insulating nerve cells in the brain to providing structure for cell membranes. That’s why your body makes the white, waxy substance (about 75% of the cholesterol in your blood is made by the liver and cells elsewhere in your body).”
So today I’d like each and every one of us to enjoy at least one whole egg, yolk and all. Hopefully, you’ll work these delicious guys into your diet and trust me, your body will thank you!



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