Paul Walker’s Paleo Diet Emphasis

Yesterday we took a look at the many faces of Paul Walker’s fitness. paul_walker_3000x0420x594Today we’re going to check out how this star stays in lean, mean shape all year round with a Paleo Diet (I could have guessed that’s how he ate before I got the scoop, but I wanted to make sure I had the right information!)
As we know, the Paleo Diet puts a heavy emphasis on meat, fruits, and vegetables among other whole foods, while calling for the elimination of bread, pasta, grains and most of all sugar. And wouldn’t you know it, so does Walker! (Outside):
‘At least 75 percent of it is your diet. Avoid the white stuff—breads, sugars, and salts. I eat a lot of fish, and I’m a sucker for red meat.’”
He’s definitely got the basic premise of the Paleo Diet down, but he doesn’t stop there (Relative Strength Advantage):
He is also cautious with his salt consumption because salt tends to retain water under the skin and makes you look puffy.”
As we continue to look at celebrities with fantastically lean, year-round physiques, it becomes more and more clear that eating a Paleo-esque Diet is at the heart of them all. This is not a fluke, and given the growing population of low-carb bloggers, it is obvious that it’s following has grown past the secret knowledge of movie stars. Remember, to get results you just have to follow the right advice… the advice of the people who have achieved the look that you desire.




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