Reader Email: Diet Pointers For Visible Abs


The following was an email received from one of Go Healthy Go Fit’s faithful, Ryan M:rockin abs


I just need help fixing my diet to where I can slim down and show my abs. If you have any suggestions for some good workouts to supplement the diet and therefore help facilitate the weight loss process, I would love to have your advice and feedback.

Great question Ryan! First off, I’d like to commend you for identifying the most important part in reaching your goal… and that’s understanding that your diet plays the key role. Anytime you’re looking to get that ab definition, you should always make adjustments to your diet first and foremost.

Crunching The Numbers

With that said, one of the most simple approaches (assuming that you are making healthy choices with your food) is to gain a better understanding of how many calories you’re consuming as well as expanding. Start with your caloric consumption since it’s easier to quantify. Write down what you eat any given day and then look up the calorie count for each item. Add up the total and save the number. (You can use the following sites to get a calorie count of different foods. Calorie Count, Calorie King, The Calorie Counter, etc.)
Once you’ve got that done, then you’ve got to figure out how many calories you are burning a day. This one is a little more tricky, seeing as there are many different sites which report different calorie counts for the same exercise. Also, it’s somewhat hard to gauge how the intensity of your workout effects a number of calories you are burning. However, one thing is certain: if you can’t see your abs, you’re going to have to eat less! Don’t be afraid to take it down a few hundred calories. I have found that through simple trial and error, one can eventually land on the perfect number in order to attain their fitness goals.

Body-weight Exercises Keep Things In Proportion

You hit the gym on a mission to get rock hard abs and 9 times out of 10 you’ll get overzealous with weighted ab workouts. What most people don’t understand is that when you do ab exercises with too much weight, especially on your obliques, you can build the muscles out, making for an unflattering look. Also, as soon as you stop working out, that muscle will turn to love handles… with no reason to love them whatsoever.
Stick with body weight exercises such as the plank exercise, leg lifts, and V-crunches. These exercises will build your abs without building them out. Also, understand that your core muscles consist of not only the front six-pack but also the obliques, lower back as well as a section which envelopes your organs and goes all the way to your core. So make sure that you are doing ab exercises that hit these muscles as well (side raises, ball twists, lower back raises, etc.).
And last but not least, say no to junk food, processed carbs, and sugar in general. These types of foods will prevent your body from burning the fat on your lower abs, ergo no six pack. If you want that winning stomach, you gotta pay the price!





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