Specializing In Health For Men


thumbs-up-success-club_normal-200x300Great health and fitness principles overlap the gender gap, but the fine-tuning process requires a sense of specialization. Thumbs up guy has to do with the bodies’ response to foods, workouts, and of course the fact that most times a man’s goals differ from that of a woman. And isn’t it perfect timing with Father’s Day just around the corner?
With that in mind, I shall refer you to a comprehensive article on men’s health written by USA Weekend’s very own Dr. Tedd Mitchell. And the doctor definitely hits a home run with this article, it’s one of those best of the type of posts (which I will always point to since they’re usually quick and dirty while being jam-packed with great info)! Here are some of the concepts covered by the doctor:

  • Using cash incentives as a motivator for weight loss
  • Experiencing increased longevity as a result of exercising
  • Susceptibility to illness as the result of a lack of sleep
  • Decreased risk of Diabetes when taking Aspirin regularly
  • Eating soy in large quantities is bad for men”

The article goes on to discuss much more, from pimples to erectile dysfunction (and its relationship with heart disease?) Make sure to check out the article for the details of why these specific concepts apply to men and not women.
To go beyond the article, it’s always important for men to seek out advice about how to attain their health and fitness goals from sources that understand the little intricacies of the male body. Same goes for women. I always get a kick out of publications that praise certain recommendations which benefit one sex while hurting the other. That’s what a disclaimer is for folks, don’t be afraid to use them!

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