Splash Around This Holiday Weekend!


mcowc_phototour37Yesterday we talked about getting a little workout in before going to the pool this Memorial Day Weekend, but today Water volleyball we’re going to take a look at the calories you are going to burn just by playing around in the water! Aside from the calories you burn messing around, there are great added benefits of being beside the pool for a while, including getting your daily allotment of Vitamin D, a good amount of stress relief and of course good old-fashioned fun.

So here is a list of the calories burned from certain water activities:

  • Water Volleyball: 204 Calories per hour

  • Wrestling: 408 Calories per hour

  • Swimming (Leisurely): 408 Calories per hour

The best part about going to the pool is that even if you’re just walking around, laughing with your friends you’re going to be burning some calories while having fun. So I won’t keep you from the good times, go enjoy the sun and have a very happy Memorial Day Weekend!
calories burned provided by calorie count



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