Staying On Track With The Help Of A Stopwatch


In my research, I’ve found a very overwhelming similarity to most of the exercise routines geared at burning fat: and it’s earthstopwatchall about the intensity. Whether it’s running, boxing, swimming, weightlifting or just simply bodyweight exercises, it seems that if you are looking for that lean, mean physique, you better pick up the pace!
The problem with upping the intensity is that most people either underestimate how intense they should be working out or they have trouble with the execution. And while an essential gym tool to date has simply been a pen and a piece of paper, I’ve found that utilizing a stopwatch is the peanut butter to a gym note’s jelly.
A stopwatch allows you the opportunity to take advantage of the full amount of rest while still being very precise about just how much rest you are getting between sprints, lifts or whatever exercise it is you are doing at that high intensity. I personally use the stopwatch feature on my phone, but if you don’t have that option available, I would recommend going to your local electronic store or checking online (I found a few that were under $10). I guarantee that this purchase will be worth the small price. Here are a few ideas on how to use it:

  • Planks – These are a great ab workout, but when you use a stopwatch to keep you on track in terms of intensity, the benefits are amplified greatly. I hold the exercise for a minute and then rest for a minute, timing it both ways.
  • Sprints – Same goes for sprints, I’ll run all out for a minute and then rest for one minute. Do this between 5-7 times and you’ll be sweating for sure!
  • Weight Lifting – You may not use the stopwatch for while you are lifting, but it’s key for your rest time. If you’re trying to burn fat, try resting for a minute or less between sets.

Remember, the intensity boils down to your own fitness level. But be honest with yourself, you’ll know the difference between high intensity and just running through the motions. So turn up the intensity of your workouts by experimenting with the duration of your exercises as well as that of your rest time.




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