Sunday Funday And The Dumbest Office Workouts


We’ve talked about getting a little exercise at the office to improve your grip, but to be quite honest, it’s very unrealistic to expect people to work out at their desk. If you’ve got a gym at or close to where you work, that’s something completely different. But when it comes to actually working out in the same area where you work, it’s not only distracting and impractical, it’s just not a good idea for overall productivity.
And yet in spite of this fact, some websites will try to impart upon you what they seem to think are revolutionary ideas for maximizing your efficiency, the old “kill two birds with one stone” mantra which is so stale that some websites pride themselves on their emphasis of taking it one thing at a time. So for today’s Sunday Funday, we’re going to look at the dumbest office workouts ever invented. If I missed any, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.
Doing dips in your office area would be a great idea, but does anyone see what’s wrong with this picture? The chair has rollers on it!! If you try this at home, expect a sore bum and possibly a broken tailbone, or Coccyx for the show offs (by the way, don’t try this at home).
Nobody knows about writers block like I do. After all, I’ve written an article everyday for the past nine months, but even I can find time between Go Healthy Go Fit, my day job and my personal life to get away from the computer for a real workout. Folks, take my word for it and enjoy the outdoors or even the gym. Everyone needs to unplug and it’s okay if you’re not doing ten things at once.
Whoever runs this office is the worst boss of all time. Not only are you confining these people to small cubicles, but now you’ve got them on treadmills like a bunch of Hamsters?! Talk about soul-crushing!
Do you have a favorite office workout picture/video? Toss it into the comments section and share it with us and of course, Happy Sunday Funday!!




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