Sunday Funday And The Useless Aerobics Videos


There are two ways to spend your time working out: you can either burn fat or burn time. Today’s episode of Sunday Funday is all about the latter. While my own proclivity towards aerobics is well documented by this point, even I can admit that there are varying degrees of uselessness when it comes to an aerobic routine. What causes a workout to be more useless than another you ask? It’s all about the intensity, and this video pairs low intensity with an abbreviated 5 minutes of duration!

Although the intensity of the next video might be higher than the last, that doesn’t mean that you’re actually getting a workout. So let me know what you think of this guy’s “Hall Aerobics” (P.S. Before I get comments on it, I know that this video was meant for a good laugh and not a structured workout).
This next one actually has an okay ab workout at the end, but the whole bow and arrow move that they do is nothing but laughable! Check it out:

And last but not least, this next video falls under the category of a useless workout, however, since it’s Carmen Electra it is still pretty hot! I don’t get the benefit of placing a finger in your mouth while you’re working out, but I’m not arguing!




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