Sunday Funday’s Premiere


We’ve got a new weekly post being unveiled today, and it’s called Sunday Funday! No scientific stuff, no heavy reading, just funny health and fitness pictures/movies/articles/whatever. If you come across something relating to health and fitness and it makes you laugh or shake your head, mail it in (Andrew [at] go healthy go fit [dot] com).
Today’s theme will revolve around Segways, quite possibly the laziest creation in mankind. After all, they don’t move as fast as cars and are basically meant to replace walking (horrible idea).
Our first pic made me laugh for about a minute straight. It just goes to show you how people these days do anything that they possibly can to avoid exerting energy! Note: Please don’t ever walk the kid while riding a Segway… you’re just not getting any kind of fitness benefits from it.
When you think of a group of people who are always in shape, you may picture a typical member of the armed forces. So why in the world would they be conducting assault drills on two wheels?
And this last one takes the cake. So, you’ve got a golf cart because you’re already too lazy to walk the course, right? But then you need a Segway to make it to the green to finish the put? Yikes!
So make sure to email in your funny pictures, movies, outtakes or whatever you can think of, be creative! And enjoy your Sunday!



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