Swine Flu Damage Control

flying_pigIt’s been beaten to death, yes. However it’s newsworthy, so it’s got the spotlight today. What shocks me is how there flying_pigseems to be one overwhelming emotion that dominates the headlines relating to this hot-button issue. And that is fear. People are deathly afraid of the swine flu, and that fear is sensationalizing the issue exponentially.

But in spite of all the hype, I managed to find a blogger who was willing to sift through you know what to get to the bottom of whether or not an impending danger exists. And that blogger is Mark Sisson in How Not To Get Swine Flu. In his article, Mark explains why he feels as though the risk of the swine flu is not much different from any other strain, be it bird flavor, original or extra crispy (Mark’s Daily Apple):

On the other hand, in the past few hours, there seems to be some consensus from clear-thinkers emerging that this swine flu might not be so fatal as strains that caused some prior pandemics.”
It’s very simple: a healthy immune system helps us fight off viruses. And how do we build a healthy immune system? You guessed it! A healthy diet, regular exercise and above all, common sense combined with some CDC recommendations. It’s all in the article, so I don’t want to give it away, go check it out for yourself.

I want to stress one thing though. Mark’s recommendations are NOT just for helping to protect yourself from the swine flu, they are for helping you lead a healthy life in general! If you don’t take steps to stay healthy currently, don’t just do it out of fear of some new ‘epidemic’, do it for the empowering feeling of taking control of your own destiny. Yeah, I know, everybody dies…. lame argument. But people shouldn’t suffer from something as preventable as the swine flu.
How scared am I that the swine flu will come knocking on my door? So scared that I just had a big rack of ribs 🙂




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