The Difference Between Training And Practicing

I caught a cool article in the New York Times, Proper Training Is A Critical Element To Athletic Success, that brings up Training very interesting observation when it comes to those of us who want to improve our physical ability. We talk a lot about improving the look of our physique, but what about shaving time off of our mile? Maybe you’re trying to run a sub-5 40-yard dash. According to the article:
Exercise physiologists and coaches say most people who want to run, swim, cycle or row faster or improve in almost any sport do not appreciate what can be accomplished with training nor how to do it.”
One thing that everyone knows: you have to get out and get active. But most think that as long as they are doing physical activity that mirrors the discipline in which they are looking to improve they should necessarily become faster, stronger or more swift. But what is the actual difference in performance that a person might see with a trainer as opposed to without one?
A man who has been running but not training might run a 5K race at a pace of 7:45 a mile. If he trained for six months, he could get his pace down to 6:10.”

A Systematic Approach Is Your Own Internal Trainer

Although the article has a valid point, I am a firm believer that if you have the dedication and are willing to do the research, a trainer is only an added benefit. A very helpful added benefit, but still just a bonus. The key to success and improvement is precision. You not only have to write down everything in terms of how long, fast, and/or intense you train, but also research as to your specific sport, be it marathon running or sprinting.
But if you decide to train without a trainer, you must always be careful as the injury is a risk inherent to all physical activity. Also, trainers have the ability to identify weakness in form so make sure to pay attention to how your training in case you need to adjust something here or there.
Have you ever trained for an event with a trainer and then without one? What was your experience?



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