Yesterday we took a look at the workout routine of Channing Tatum, star of the upcoming film While Channing Tatum 3there is no doubt that the physical training required for such an active role is intense, it is important to not overlook the diet. Like fuel for a car, a nutritious meal plan is essential for getting ready to fight in any setting. While there are many sites that claim to have a meal for meal breakdown of how Channing Tatum ate prior to the filming of FIGHTING, only the official Channing Tatum fan club has a beat on his actual diet obtained by the author while visiting with Tatum on the set (Channing Tatum Unwrapped):
For example, he is currently on a special diet prescribed by his weight trainer Will. A strict diet that seems to include a lot of vegetables that he’s not a big fan of and interesting breakfast sausages that did not look too appetizing, but he ate as a snack.”
A list version of the diet in its entirety is not available, however, it’s main focus does revolve around a heavy concentration of vegetables and meat. That did pose something of a problem, seeing as “[Tatum] does not like broccoli”, according to the author of the fan club.
Given the strenuous nature of training, both weightlifting and fight preparation, it’s no wonder why Tatum’s body would require the nutrients and amino acids found in vegetables along with solid protein sources found in meat in order to fully recover. While I’m sure that the diet did include many other whole foods, picking these two components as the cornerstone of his diet wasn’t a bad idea!
Don’t forget to check out a more recent post where I interview Channing’s personal trainer to get the full story!



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