Tone Up Like Jennifer Garner


Jennifer Garner is another one of those celebs that you never see out of shape. She seems to fit in time for working out Jennifer Garner under any circumstance, whether she’s just had a baby or she’s filming her most recent movie GHOST OF GIRLFRIEND’S PAST. And the schedule of an A-list movie star is extremely demanding. So how does she maximize her time to maintain that toned physique? Strength training according to her personal trainer (Fitsugar):

Jennifer works out under the guidance of her trainer Valerie Waters, who offers advice to new moms that could work for anyone without much time in their schedule for fitness. She says to focus primarily on building strength if you’re squeezing in workouts and explained, ‘If you can only exercise 20 minutes three times a week, you should be strength training — squats, push-ups, lunges, planks. You’ll burn the same amount of calories [as cardio] but you’ll also add lean muscle, which speeds up your metabolism.’”
Just because you only have 20 minutes three times a week doesn’t mean you have to neglect any one muscle group. Although some women tend to concentrate more on their legs as opposed to their upper torso, there are plenty of great full body workouts (burpees for example) that will get you those firm legs and toned upper body. Garner packs it all in with circuit training (Seattle Times):

When circuit training, Garner would combine a series of the upper body, lower body and ab exercises. For example, a set of chest presses, followed by a set of lat pull-downs, squats and then crunches on a stability ball. She would complete the circuit three times with little rest, then follow with another series of exercises for the same muscles. After three more rotations through the circuit, Garner did some light stretching and was finished.”
While diversity is essential in strength training, even celebrities have their favorite workout. And Garner is no exception (Seattle Times):
The signature move: Reverse lunges with a medicine ball to work legs, glutes, and abs. Holding a 4-pound medicine ball in front of her, Garner would take a large step back with her left leg while bringing the ball down to her right hip. After eight repetitions, she would switch to the other side.”

While the workout changes from time to time, Jennifer Garner’s dedication to staying in great shape does not. It’s that consistency that keeps her toned and fit all year round. So while following her exercises isn’t a bad idea, mirroring her resolve will yield even more results.



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