Using the day-to-day schedule to your advantage

When I was in college, the only constant in my schedule wasm6ww25s6 NO classes before 10:00!! However, most college students have classes at different times on different days. For example, all your classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are before 4:00 pm and all your classes on Tuesday and Thursday are night classes. So how do you manage to workout and eat right when every day your schedule changes?

This is actually a blessing in disguise. Most fitness gurus will tell you that “mixing it up” in your workout is extremely beneficial. This is not limited to just doing different workouts, but it also applies to working out at different times of the day. So create your own workout schedule and start hanging out with buddies at the gym who have your same schedule. Using the previous example, on MWF you could hit the gym at 5:00 pm and on TTH you can workout when you wake up (whenever that is!). By finding people to workout with that are on your same schedule, you can be assured to not only have a spotter, but you’ll also have someone who needs your help as well, which will create a committee that will keep you working out.




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