Why Picking Healthier Ice Cream May Be A Bad Decision In The Long Run

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Harnessing a whirlwind of scatter-brain incoherency that is my mind requires one essential behavior… taking notes. And in one of my more ancient notes, I saw an idea for a post that simply read “Healthiest ice cream”. Now, that’s not a bad idea for a post but it got me to thinking. How do I feel about the frequency of eating ice cream and what are the consequences of choosing a healthier ice cream product or a delicious ice cream product (because we all know that no matter how sophisticated the big ice cream companies get, the good stuff is action-packed with bad stats)?
The best way to illustrate my point occurs in application of my own life. Let’s introduce the players. My favorite healthy ice cream product would have to be those Skinny Cow Mint Ice Cream sandwiches while my favorite decadent delight ice cream is undoubtedly Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, cause I’m old school like that (neither of them gets a link cause they’re not showing me the money!) So, why the intro you ask? Well, it has to do with how I end up eating them.

What Happens When You Go The Healthy Route

So you’ve got your six pack of those ice cream sandwiches (each one falls under the junior welterweight equivalent of 140 calories if you’ll pardon the boxing analogy) in the freezer and you’re very proud of yourself. But then you go through them over the span of a week by eating one a day, procuring 840 calories of cheating goodness. The problem with this equation is that not only have you consumed those calories, you’ve also developed a habit. And you better believe that habit will become a routine, which spells disaster for your health and fitness because when situations arise and you have to cut out a meal, you know that the ice cream is the last to go!

What Happens When You Go The Satisfying Route

After careful consideration, you deem it a more prudent choice to enjoy your cheat thoroughly in one fell swoop. So you go for the Ben & Jerry’s (firmly falling under the Super-Cruiserweight equivalent of 250 calories, a bruiser by all accounts) and you think to yourself, “Okay, I’ll have to watch myself with this one”. And there’s the rub. Even though the total calorie count of a pint is around 1,000 (160 more calories than it’s Skinny Cow opponent), you recognize the fact that this ice cream cannot stand toe-to-toe with the healthy choice when it comes to nutrition, therefore you are wary of making it a habitual player in your nutritious stage of life.
So while both ice creams pack about the same amount of calories, picking the not-so-healthy one may, in fact, lead you to make better decisions on a daily basis than you would otherwise have done had you chosen the healthy brand. That way you can indulge on your cheat day, maybe take down half a pint of the Cherry Garcia, and after everything is said and done you will have enjoyed yourself more as well as ingested fewer calories on the weekly timeline!

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