Working out your grip at the office – Part 2

Yesterday we took a look at why you should workout your grip, so today we’ll take a look at how you can work out your grip.

Grip Workouts

There are tons of devices out there that will provide you with a grip exercise. Here are three such devices that you can keep at your desk.

Old School Grippers

These are in the shape of a wishbone and basically, all you do is grab one with either your right or left hand and squeeze away!! That’s the basic movement of any grip exercise, so when you’re on a conference call, just squeeze away.

Individual Finger Grippers

This is the same premise as the Old School Grippers, the only difference is that you can grip with individual fingers. My take on this is that it really doesn’t provide you with any additional benefits.
It’s a marketing ploy, sure, but you may find that you like the way that it feels. Who knows.
Gyro Device
Gyro devices mostly workout your wrist, but it’s part of your grip. This one is a little more fun than the other two as well. Basically, you shake this device violently, which builds up the rotation of the inner ball, thus creating an instability force. Once this force is created, you try and hold the device.
So, those are all workouts you can do right at your desk, but in truth, you don’t even need a device. If you’ve got a briefcase, weight it down like crazy and DON’T use the shoulder strap (if applicable). Sounds nuts, right? Well, that’s all a grip exercise really is. It’s just a force, either springs, gravity or instability force that needs to be right by the power of your grip.
When you get to work, get to work out your grip!!






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